A Victory Against Bigotry

Alexandra Walker

December 15, 2005

First, the background, in case you don't know about this story: Last May, the reactionary American Family Association  announced a boycott of Ford vehicles and criticized Ford for making contributions to gay rights groups, offering benefits to same-sex partners and recruiting gay employees. The liberal blogger Americablog was part of a campaign to pressure Ford to ignore AFA's antics. Yesterday, Ford circulated a letter indicating the company was standing for equality against bigotry.

This victory isn't just about Ford agreeing to advertise their high-end luxury cars in gay and lesbian publications. It was a warning to other companies targeted by the reactionary American Family Association that if they yield to an AFA boycott, there will be protests. As Americablog so delicately put it:

Now, every company being threatened by the AFA will know they will face a shitstorm if they cave to those ideologues' hateful demands.

And now America knows, when it's a choice between the gay-haters and the gays, choose the gays.

For more, including the text of the company's letter,read here.