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The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

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The rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party is one of the most important stories in modern American political history, yet it is so little understood. You can help educate yourself and others by speaking in public on this important issue.

We've made it easy for you. Joan Bokaer has put her entire presentation, including the script and PowerPoint slide and text show, on a CD for you to use; you need only supply the laptop computer and a projector, and you can be a public speaker. (PowerPoint Player is included.) Or you can download the presentation for free!

Educational materials provided by TheocracyWatch will give you an opportunity to understand the role the Religious Right is playing in shaping our world. The CDs and DVDs below provide a distillation of the vast amount of material covered in the TheocracyWatch website.

Show the videos on Public Access TV, and play the audio on your community radio stations!
Find a list of some Access Centers here.

You can purchase:

  Item Cost  
Are We Becoming a Theocracy? (DVD)
April 29, 2005 video of Joan Bokaer's talk at the New York Open Center
Are We Becoming a Theocracy? (Audio CD)
April 18, 2005 version.
Christian Zionism (Audio CD)
April 18, 2005 version, in MP3 format. How Christian Zionism is influencing events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The Rise of Dominionism (DVD)
October 21, 2004 video of Joan Bokaer describing the rise of Dominionism in the U.S. government. Joan explains how the Religious Right took over the Republican Party, and how President Bush, along with his Religious Right allies in Congress, are attempting to transform the United States into a Christian nation.
Life and Liberty for All Who Believe (DVD)
This documentary, produced by People for the American Way in the early 1980's, chronicles the formation of the Moral Majority. Narrated by Burt Lancaster, the film's message regarding dominionist politics is more relevant today than ever.
Life and Liberty for All Who Believe (CD)
Same video as the DVD, but this video is saved as a WMV file and can be played on a computer with Windows Media Player. Share this with people who have no DVD player.
CDROM PowerPoint Presentation
Provides slide files and text files for two lectures. The texts can be printed out and viewed along with the slides. This format is suitable for classroom presentations, or for speaking in formal and informal settings. Anyone can use this CD and become a speaker. (Save time and money, and download it for free here)
The Rise of Dominionism (Audio CD)
41 minutes - October 2004 - MP3 format. This item will help you understand the Religious Right while you are making long drives or navigating through traffic jams.

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