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Missouri Resolution HCR 13



When I first saw this report I was very concerned and did some research.  The Recommendation is by David Sater who is the state rep for the 68 th district.  He says this on his website

      This last week, I introduced one bill and one resolution to their appropriate committees. The bill mentioned was House Bill 1245 which in summary gives the right for schools to have the opportunity to purchase epinephrine injections and to keep the medication on hand for the use of severe allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings, and food reactions that can be life threatening. School nurses would keep this medication in stock and use it as needed based upon their training and professional discretion. This bill does not make it mandatory, but gives the school the discretion to keep this medication on hand for this use.

House Concurrent Resolution (HCR 13) reflections upon the historical significance that Christianity has had in shaping our way of life, our government, and how our early leaders relied on their Christian faith in governing our first constitution. It states that the common sense that voluntary prayer in public schools and religious displays on public property are not a coalition of church and state, but rather the justified recognition of the positive role that Christianity has played in this great nation of ours, the United States of America. middle of the page

I then looked at the resolution itself it did appear to say just what Mr. Sater said.  While at this point this resolution does not say what the TV station KMOV reported it is still a concern.

John Caldwell


Last updated: March-2005