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Subject: Support Hunger Strike & Vigil Against Ohio H.B. 3

Update on Hunger Strike, Prayer Vigil to Stop HB3

Contact: Jonathan Meier, (614)208-1593; Rev. John Edgar, (614)327-5468

COLUMBUS, Ohio ­ (December 9, 2005) ­ Despite the heavy snow storm and
bitter temperatures, Jonathan Meier, a 23 year-old divinity student and
Columbus resident, is continuing a prayer vigil and hunger strike at
the Ohio Statehouse to signal his disgust and distrust with House Bill
3 ­ the vote reform bill proposed and supported by GOP lawmakers.
Early this morning, Meier was joined by Kyle Poorman, a 25 year-old
voter organizer from Columbus.

Meier says that the demonstration is his way of highlighting the
injustice of House Bill 3.

³Most people don¹t realize that this legislation, if passed by the
senate next week, would make it virtually impossible for homeless folks
to vote, would make it virtually impossible for groups to register
large numbers of voters, would eliminate oversight of voting machines,
and would cancel our right to challenge election results.²

Why prayer and a hunger strike?  Meier says that his Christian faith
calls him to ³constantly pursue social justice and illuminate social
ills, and, often, this call requires personal sacrifice.²

The Ohio Senate is expected to vote on House Bill 3 next week.  Meier
affirms that he will continue praying and fasting until that point.

³Who gains from this legislation?,² Meier asks.  ³Instead of addressing
the long lines at the polls, instead of making it easier for people to
register and to vote, Republican lawmakers put forward 424 pages of
legislation that will set up roadblocks to our democracy.  I, for one,
do not trust a vote reform bill that is purely a partisan act.²

Suzanne Patzer


Last updated: December- 2005