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The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

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From Katherine Yurica

This is from Katherine Yurica about the training manual from the Free Congress Foundation:

1: The original complete essay at: The original has a copyright at the end of the essay dated 2001. EXCERPTS: In  addition the excerpts that were originally published by   are dated  December 12, 2001. (We found the excerpts in 2004 and the original essay several months ago in 2004--following the publishing of The Despoiling of America .) 2. Where we found THE ORIGINAL: It took some doing to find the original essay. But one of our brilliant readers miraculously resurrected the complete original essay from a web based program that kept the data after erasure from the web. He did not explain beyond that. But we were amazed! (It apparently works on the principle that one can't erase anything from a hard drive!) 3. You probably have this, but just in case: The following is what we published originally with just the EXCERPTS. I haven't checked to see if the links still work:

[ Editor's Note: This article has been revised on February 15, 2004 with new information and new links. The entire original article, The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement by Eric Heubeck, is at the Yurica Report.

Excerpts from the operation's manual are no longer available at the Free Congress Foundation website: A second site where the Yurica Report obtained a copy has also ceased to be available. However, we have since located the material at the following sites. In addition to the Buzz Flash quote cited above on December 12, 2001, a Buzz Flash reader sent in a brief quote, "A Right Wing Jihad" at An excerpt may also be found at http://www.populistcom/02.1.dispatches.html under the title, "Right -Wing Jihad Explained." Another link to Heubeck's essay is at A second important article by Luke Setzer that is based on and references Heubeck's material is at: ]

Last updated: 14-Jul-2004